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Big Buy Mobile Project Management [Type the document subtitle] Fredrick Amara 11/26/2010 1. Will Lean and/or Six Sigma be useful in completing the Big Buy Mobile Program/Project? If so, how and why? In this case, do you think the tools/methodology of one approach will be more used predominantly than the other? Yes, because Lean Six Sigma focuses on reducing cycle time and costs by eliminating waste and that is what we are trying to accomplish in the Big Buy Mobile project. We are trying to improve time and service within the Big Buy Mobile. Moreover, Six Sigma measure superiority of service and product process, within an organization. I think both will be used equality but Six Sigma; will be use more predominately than Lean because Six Sigma focuses on quality and in improving a specific process and the process that need in improvement are customer services. Moreover, Six Sigma aimed at reducing defects as seen by the customer. And while Lean focus mostly on the reducing cycle times and costs by eliminating waste. While Lean and Six Sigma are complementary in nature, they also have several important differences objectives, organizations, methods, and types of project. Thus, the objectives of these efforts are different but at the same time they can be overlap. 2. Beyond just the tools of Lean/Six Sigma, could a formal DMAIC project (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-control) be executed within the broader Big Buy Mobile program? If so, what would be “in scope” of the DMAIC project, versus what would be out-of-scope? Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control could be executed within the Big Buy Mobile program. Because the dilemma with Big Buy Mobile is to improve customer service within it store. The improvement model of this project are the requirement, goal, problem, scope, inputs, key steps, developing efficiency data, develop/validate hypothesis,

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