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Definition of Railway:- According to section 3[4] of the railway Act 1890 the word; “Railway means a railway or any portion of a railway for the public carriage of passengers’ animals or goods.” Duties of Railway The following are the duties of railway administration. Duty to provide Reasonable facilities:- It is the duty of railway administration to provide all reasonable facilities for the receiving forwarding and delivering of goods without unreasonable delay. Duty not to give undue favor (Treat equally):- Another duty of railway administration is to treat all persons equally and not to give undue advantage to any person. Duty to follow Government order:- Duty to comply with any direction given by the federal Goverment regard to transportation of goods. The goverment can order:-  To give special facilities for, or prefence to, the transport of any such goods or class of goods consigned to fedral Government or any provincial Government.  To carry any goods or class of goods by such route or routes and at such rates as may be specified in the order. Liabilities of Railway:- Railway is not a common carrier so for its liabilities are concerned. Its administration is governed by the Railway Act 180. According to the section 72 of railway Act, The railway is liable as a bailee as defined section 151-152 and 161 under the contract Act so the restricted liabilities of railway as a bailee of goods are as under:- (1). Liability during transit:- If the consignment is at railway risk, the railway will become responsible for any loss destruction etc in transit arising from any cause except the following:-  Act of God.  Act of war.  Act of enemies.  Arrest, restrain or seizure legal process.  Order or restrictions imposed by the federal or provincial government or by its any officer or authority authorized in this behalf.  Act or omission or

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