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(i) Project background OffStat, one of the biggest suppliers of office stationery in Belgium, decided to expand in continental Europe and also obtain a presence in the UK. Two UK stationery supply businesses were acquired in 1991 and 1995 respectively as part of this strategy. One of the UK businesses that OffStat acquired, StatCo, was comprised of a number of independent businesses. StatCo had started to integrate these businesses, but had been beset with problems. At the time ofthe acquisition StatCo were running a number of totally different IT systems, likewise the other UK company acquired by OffStat also had their own IT system and none of these systems were capable of running an integrated business. OffStat’s chairman stated that it is their intention to have the “number one position” in all their national markets. OffStat aim to differentiate on customer service since there is little differentiation between products, which is highly sold in vast quantities. The stationery market is highly competitive with increasing competition from American companies. Project objective OffStat had a clear project mission in that they wanted a single UK business rather than several independent UK businesses, with the eventual aim of a common system throughout their whole business. Since there had already been integration problems creating a single UK business. OffStat decided to implement an ERP system throughout Europe, with the aim of implementing the system in the UK first to get their operations in the UK working as one business. When all of the sites were on the common platform they then aimed to implement the remaining functionality of SAP. OffStat chose not to carry out any bespoke development and staggered the implementation throughout the different European countries. The company did not run the old and new systems in parallel. OffStat wanted to

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