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682 Words3 Pages Certificate for Sustainable Tourism (CST). Voluntairy initiatives for sustainable tourism Blue flag 3. Research method Data collection involved gathering information published on the websites of professional event management associations. A convenience sampling process was used to identify appropriate websites for the study. Sometimes called purposive sampling, the units of study were chosen not for their representativeness but for their relevance to the research questions and analytical framework of the study (Schwandt, 2001). In this study, websites were selected for a number of practical reasons. Firstly, the websites that were selected needed to be in English. Secondly, the websites selected needed to present a sufficient level of information that was able to be analysed. The sample size for this study was fifty professional event management associations. A large sample size is not usually associated with qualitative research as there is interest in establishing quality through in-depth analysis of data. Associations were initially identified from the list created by Arcodia and Reid (2003). This list was supplemented by associations which have either been launched, or have created a web presence since that research was published. These were identified using internet search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Using two search engines reduced the possibility of missing an association. Analysis took place on two levels. Firstly, it identified the extent to which professional event associations place value on sustainable event practice. This was done by analysing

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