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1 Executive Summary Ocean Park aspires to be a world leader in providing excellent guest experiences in a theme park environment connecting people with nature. Ocean Park provides all guests with memorable experiences that combine entertainment and education, while inspiring lifelong learning and conservation advocacy. Our aim is to maintain a healthy financial status, while striving to deliver the highest standards of safety, animal care, products and guest service. Ocean Park Hong Kong opened in 1977 by the then Governor of Hong Kong Sir Murray MacLehose, Ocean Park has grown to about 35 attractions and rides. Ocean Park claims that it received 6.95 million visitors in 2011, awarding it the position of the world's 12th most visited theme park by annual attendance. Ocean Park has seen rapid growth, which included substantial new development of joy rides, introduction of new animals to the park, enticing customers to come and see these new attractions. But as the business growth continues so must the professional development of the staff. By developing a superior workforce, OP will be prepared to accommodate the increased crowd volumes entering the park from the expansion and provide the appropriate level of service to customers. Many new processes need to be addressed to ensure that the growth phase is aligned with training and developing of the staff. This includes new products, park knowledge service levels and knowing the target market - all contributing factors to ensure the customer experience is enhanced with the new expansion. This report will focus on two subjects, such as e-commerce and people management. 2 E-Commerce 2.1 Personal Income, Saving and Expenditure Personal incomes and expenditure vary widely from east to west within China. Analysing the National Bureau of Statistics’ (NBS) data for the third quarter of 2009 for non-urban households

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