Business Integration Essay

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Business Process Integration: Method and Analysis Evan D. Morrison Alex Menzies George Koliadis Aditya K. Ghose Decision Systems Lab School of Computer Science and Software Engineering University of Wollongong, Wollongong NSW 2522, Australia, Email: {edm92, am57, gk56, aditya} Abstract In the study of business management, process integration has become an interesting area of research that affects analysts studying and working on existing system plans. Process integration aims to investigate relationships across a business compendium to produce classifications and merge similar activities into a standardized system. Integration is the process of merging elements from two similar antecedent processes to create a single process that can be used to replace the original processes. This paper proposes a practical method for process integration and provides a theoretical framework and metrics for business process integration assessment. In the provision of metrics that take into account similarity of activities within processes we are able to offer solutions that provide minimal change reducing change costs, and minimizing change impact risks. single process. The problem is one of business process integration, where the fund-specific variants are combined into a single process that achieves the goals of all of the original processes. Consider another example where a smaller insurance company is acquired by a larger insurance company. There is a need for the resulting entity to support a single claims handling process, which requires that the claims handling processes of both the acquiring and acquired companies be integrated into a single consolidated process that achieves the goals/objectives of both prior processes. In both examples, there would be an implicit requirement that the consolidated process be as ‘close’ or as ‘similar’ as possible to the
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