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Business Information Management - XHTML Report Terms of reference I have been asked to draw up a report to highlight my understanding of the current information related issues affecting Information Management for Business Advantage (IMBA). Procedure In order to carry out this report I had to do the following: * Research the company in question; Information Management for Business Advantage, and gain background information * Find out the key trend and issues affecting them * Summarise how the changes are impacting how information is used, managed and co modified. Findings 1.1 Introduction Information Management for Business Advantage (IMBA) is a medium sized business currently employing 600 staff. They are UK based have specialised in ‘cutting edge’ information and technology management for two decades. Following the crashes of ‘dot com’ and ‘telecoms’ in 2001; IMBA established UK operations in specialist business mobile communications. They have also extended their portfolio of software development; which was formerly restricted to specialising in software that was for information rich businesses, to developing a range of social networking and media delivery services for the web. By being in the competitive market of telecommunication solutions for businesses, IMBA has rapidly grown as a business. IMBA used online advertising, sale of user data, software patents and providing access to on demand media services. By 2011, IMBA plan to be a large company with over 1000 employees. With the recent economic recession, IMBA are considering selling the consultancy part of their business and focusing entirely on their new developments which include telecommunications and web business development which has received a higher demand than its more traditional business services. 1.2 Key Trends and Issues Key Trends- IMBA has decided to

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