Business Infomation System Essay

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Executive Summary: Our objective for this report is to help Besmark Merchandising Pte Ltd to implement a database system which will improve the efficiency of the employees and save costs for the company’s daily operations. At the current moment, Besmark’s employees are filling up leave forms whenever they apply for leaves, tracking their remaining leaves and adding leave-in-lieu are also done manually by referring back to previous records filed. With this database system which we are introducing to Besmark, employees can apply for leave through the database, track their leaves on the system and also, leave-in-lieu are added into their remaining leaves automatically by the system. This system also records every employee’s leaves taken and shows which employee is on leave on any certain day, which can be very informative to all employees in the company. Implementing this database system will also help the company to save some costs as this system will cut down the usage of papers, which is one of the highest costs Besmark is incurring at the moment. By cutting the cost on paper usage, Besmark can further tackle certain threats that affects the company’s competitive advantages. Besmark Merchandising’s Profile: Besmark Merchandising is an import, export company acting as a buying agent for our customer, Damart Group in Europe, a mail order company which deals in apparels. Besmark’s responsibility is to source and update customers of supply possibilities, accurate matching of suppliers to customer’s needs from regional sources. To prepare for pre-season developments, following up on order placements, quality controls and finally the shipping of finished goods to our customers. Besmark’s goal is to co-ordinate all orders on hand from order placements to shipment of goods and to maintain a mutual good relationship between Damart Group and our suppliers.
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