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business history lit review

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  • on February 19, 2008
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Business History
Literature Review

2. Julian Go, "The Provinciality of American Empire: 'Liberial Exceptionalism' and the U.S. Colonial Rule, 1898 - 1912"

Exceptionalism is a theory pertaining to the United States’ political standing regarding other countries affiliated with or under the American umbrella. This theory explains that American presence in foreign countries is not indicative of an American empire due to the prevailing anti-colonial, democratic values and traditions associated with the United States. The author, Julian Go, stands to debunk this theory, labelled “traditional exceptionalism”, beginning with the glaring disparity between exceptionalism and popular media, where an increasing number of recent events have acknowledged and asserted that “The American Empire” not only exists, but is alive and well.  
Go continues to introduce a distinction between “traditional exceptionalism” and “liberal exceptionalism,” the latter posing as a means of compromise between American liberal tradition and it’s undeniable presence as an empire. Liberal exceptionalism purports that unlike former European imperial empires which looked to exploit their colonies for their own purposes, the American empire adopted the role of benevolent benefactor guiding countries under its rule to a stronger, self-sufficient state by utilizing American methods of development. The author’s central focus lays in exploring the legitimacy and success of liberal exceptionalism in the case of countries colonised by the American Empire in the early twentieth century.    

The swift acquisition of the colonies Guam, Samoa, the Philippines and Puerto Rico following the American-Spanish war in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, marked a new type of growth for America. Popular media sources acknowledged the birth of the American empire as with it’s first official colonies under its belt, the author is efficient in frequent referrals to media sources and...

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