Business Fraud Essay

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Running Head: WHERE THE FAULT LIES Where the Fault Lies Antoine Williams Keller Graduate School of Management Accounting Information Systems Professor: Emmanuel Ihejirika January 24, 2015 Abstract In a global society where cyber crimes and digital fraud are becoming more prevalent, it can be difficult to decide whom to trust with your financial information. More and more the question seems to be, “Should companies be held responsible for losses when their accounting information systems are compromised by cyber attacks?” I will attempt to address this question with my personal argument, and personally I believe that companies should be held responsible for data breaches. There is an unspoken fiduciary agreement that exists between companies and their stakeholders that cannot be disregarded under any circumstances and I believe that there should not be any exceptions to that rule. References Epstein, Z. (2014, May 27). BGR. Retrieved January 17, 2015, from BGR: Infosecurity Magazine. (2014, September 2). Cybercrime and Punishment. Retrieved January 17, 2015, from Infosecurity Magazine: Oremus, W. (2012, June 7). Technology. Retrieved January 17, 2015, from Slate: Seetharaman, J. F. (2014, May 27). Tech. Retrieved January 17, 2015, from Business Insider: State of Texas. (2013, January). Cyber Crime and How it Affects You. Retrieved January 17, 2015, from Dallas County Community College District:

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