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I N S P I R A T I O N A L L E A R N I N G C O R P O R A T I O N Inspirational Learning Corporation “Sparking Imaginations, Promoting Curiosity & Expanding Horizons” Prepared for Nina Gupta & Associates, Business 257‐003 In Consultation With Andrea Lo 250311501 Andrew Stolarz 250394551 Ashley Hodgins 250308345 Paul Jun 250318215 Rebecca Risberg 250256375 Sarah Shin 250325676 Tommy Chan 250334080 February 21, 2007 Executive Summary Inspirational Learning Corporation, (ILC) operated by managing directors Ashley Hodgins and Paul Jun, offers a unique interdisciplinary afterschool program at three London elementary schools. In fiscal year 2007, the business seeks to generate a profit of $38000, or $19,000/director, which would be equivalent to tuition at the Richard Ivey School of Business. ILC also strives to achieve 20% annual revenue growth and establish itself in the community. Lastly, it will provide valuable entrepreneurial experience to the managing directors and fulfill their personal goal of inspiring children. Our market research showed strong demand for our services. With 47% of children participating in childcare services and over 29,000 elementary students in London, there is certainly a market for our Mini‐U program. Parents with students in grades two to five showed the greatest interest in the Mini‐U, with a 34% wishing to enroll compared to 18% outside this grade bracket. Given our premium positioning, our primary target market is affluent families with children enrolled in grades two to five. Higher‐income families are more likely to pursue educational enrichment activities and are less price sensitive. This is the grade bracket the showed the greatest interest in program and comprises 577 students at our three locations.

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