Business Etiquette Essay

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Business Etiquette Always remember your colleagues deserve respectful consideration. (Blanchard, 1992) Although we all have heard the advice: “Don’t judge a book by its cover” and “The clothes don’t make the person” who are we fooling, appearance matters. The book “Dress for Success” is a must read for all business professional. In our society we far too often neglect the importance of appearance. No matter how wrong it maybe, appearance does influence people’s perception of you. Hairstyles, make-up, loud jewelry, excessive perfume; all can detract from a person’s professional image. When you dress do not try to distract but instead try to accentuate your professionalism. People are visual and clothing acts as a visual backdrop, it ads in your professional package. “If you walk into a room in rumpled, dirty clothes, hair barely pulled back, yawning, and mumble something unintelligible, does this say, 'I'm trustworthy?' Heck, no. Present yourself as you want to be seen - as a knowledgeable, competent professional." (Unknown, 2012) It is imperative to know an office’s environment so that you are able to dress in a fashion that is appropriate. If you are entering into a professional setting in which ties are accustom, than it is imperative that you dress accordingly. “The world sums you up by the clothes that you wear, and treats you accordingly.” (Unknown, 2012) Clothing is powerful, it has the ability to make or break a person. "If you want to move up, dress like the person two levels ahead of you.” (Sabath, 2010) You are going to command more respect if you dress professionally and are well groomed if you dress like a slouch, you will be treated like a slouch. Casual Fridays have become a tradition in many offices. “We believe that casual dress can have clear advantages, at virtually no cost, for most corporations and industries," said Michael R. Losey, SHRM's

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