Business Ethics & The Enviornment Essay

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Title: Business Ethics and the Environment Introduction On the basis of the governmental agency permit, Lubchem launched dumping waste materials from the industrial process in the Don River. Bethany (New Product Development Manager) is much concerned as Lubchem releases more waste in the river than previously anticipated. Worse than that, the Company refuses to start an additional stage in the production process that would have reduced the waste. The Director of Operations Boris warns her to stand away and do her job. However, she is on the verge of ethical dilemma as she senses that the company lacks far-sighted vision and cares solely of temporary profits. This research paper critically assesses Bethany’s situation from a reasoned ethical perspective on the basis of systems of ethical reasoning. Herewith, Bethany’s possible choices are evaluated including further recommendations for constructive action. General discussion Under the conditions of global competition intensified by the overall financial crisis and recession tendencies in many world countries, it seems that businesses should be purely profit-oriented to keep afloat. However, this approach is short-sighted, since companies never operate in isolation. This indicates that every business activity is impacted by either internal or external factors. Therefore, companies are socially and environmentally responsible before general public, stakeholders and the communities and locations where they operate. Consequently, business companies operating in the global competitive environment should consider ethical principles in addition to caring about profit-making. For this purpose, multinational companies establish internal codes of ethics and release social responsibility reports on annual basis to underline their ethical responsibility before general public and relevant communities. Nonetheless,

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