Business Ethics in Italy Essay

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Business Ethics in Italy One thing I learned while studying Italy in business is, that it is wrong to give gifts wrapped in colours of purple and black because if you give a gift wrapped in purple, the Italians see it as bad luck. A gift wrapped in black is also a bad sign because it is the traditional colour of mourning. It is important to know this because if in the future I did do business with Italains then I will know not to wrap them in those colours so I don’t anger them and also hurt their feelings. Another thing I learned is that punctuality in Italy isn’t that mandatory because you can arrive late to a dinner by 15 minutes and it can be up to 30 minutes for a party. This is very useful for the future because my time management is very poor so this will help in the future especially for me if I do end up doing business with Italians. Italians prefer face-to-face contact because they prefer doing business with people they know and trust. That is why it is important to spend some time in Italy so that you can develop the relationship, which means it will be easier to do business with them because the effort has been put to get to know them so they trust you and know you well enough to do business and it also means that there is a strong connection because Italians like to know something about yourself not just the business so even more business can be done in the near/long future. However, make sure your first impression is a good one because it will be a lasting one. They also do judge people on their appearance. In Italy business people dress well, it’s a priority in Italy, men are expected to wear dark coloured, conservative business suits. Women on the other hand are also expected to wear business suits, or conservative dresses. The right clothing is important when doing business with Italians because they take pride in their clothes, for

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