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Danielle Gallant Date: February 23, 2013 Subject: Oaktree Social Media Policy and Damage Control Re: Allyson McMahon To: Brian Carnegie From: Ashok Fraser, Syeda Patel In light of the recent events that have taken place in the media and on social media sites surrounding Oaktree, we have prepared this report to address the steps needed to protect our reputation in the future and ensure a situation like this does not occur again. Our first recommendation is arranging a meeting with Ms. McMahon to address the grievances which provoked her comments. While there was no social media policy in place to control Ms. McMahons’ comments, we believe that she broke the code of conduct by shedding negative light on the company and making damaging and disparaging comments, especially during a time of crisis for Oaktree. We believe that her comments are derived from her displeasure at a reduction in hours and a change in her shift and while we understand her frustration, she has a responsibility to conduct herself in a way that is not detrimental to the company. An investigation should occur to determine if a code of conduct contract was signed at the time of hire by Ms. McMahon and if the breach of that contract allows and warrants her dismissal or disciplinary action. If a non-disclosure agreement is not currently in place for new employees, it should be implemented immediately. In order to limit the amount of emotional backlash in the future from employees such as Ms. McMahon, we recommend implementing a progressive disciplinary system, tied to meaningful employee evaluations and a structured grievance process which provides disgruntled employees with a controlled forum for venting. By allowing future employees to voice their opinions in a controlled, secure environment, we reduce the risk of future negative public publicity. This could involve a suggestion box,

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