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Business Ethics Bernas Case - 1. If you were Mr. Bernas, what would you do? Would this be the right thing to do? If I were Romulo Bernas, I would not accept the advise of Mr. Narciso and not quit my job as staff assistant of Prime Shipping, Inc. I would thank him for his concern but politely decline the Php 50,000 offer, sharing to him my thoughts. I am assigned the task by my manager of putting some order and system in the loading and unloading of shipments in the pier. Though it seems that I am beginning to lose popularity among my officemates due to this, it is part of my responsibility to know the happenings in order to make strategies on how the current situation can be improved. In a span of a year working in the company, I have helped in making the company more systematic and a better place to work in. I have helped in improving the well-being of my co-workers and superiors with the programs I introduced. My desire to initiate positive change comes from my concern for the least privileged of society. This is primarily one of the common beliefs that we share, and I hope Mr. Narciso would understand that. I know that Mr. Narciso is the bodyguard of a politician closely connected with the Bureau of Customs. It would appear that his action towards me is a command by his boss, but there is no concrete proof that this was the case. How can he afford to just hand over a large sum of money just to get rid of me? It is possible that what I saw the other night and my manager placing me to head this initiative is no coincidence. Smuggling was evident in the pier due to the lack of solid system of procedures in clearing out shipments. For me, this is the right thing to do given the considerations that I have. Individual responsibility and social responsibility should come hand in hand. There might be risks to what I’m doing, but avoiding the problem and acting
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