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Erik Young Bauer Performance Sports LTD. Business Ethics Paper Erik Young 11/21/2011 Bauer Performance Sports LTD. Bauer hockey was created by the Bauer family in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada in 1927. In 1933, they created the first skate that had the blade attached to the boot. This was very innovative because up until that point all skates had to be fastened to the boot of the person by straps. In 1969, Bauer came out with their state of the art Supreme 91 skate. These skates were all leather and were sharpened from head to toe on the blades. Then, in 1979, the creation that is still in use to this day, Bauer introduced the TUUK blade holder. This creation is a piece of heavy duty plastic that is attached to the boot.…show more content…
These skates were state of the art in the early 90’s and were worn by most players in the NHL. In 1992, Eric Lindros joined the Bauer team and helped with their research and development team. Also to help with their R&D team, Bauer partnered with McGill University in 1995. McGill University is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and is one of the premiere schools in North America. In 1997, Bauer introduced the Vapor skate line and the Bauer 5000 player helmet. These two inventions were the best at that point in time because most players were using the old Supreme 1000 line of skates and needed to use a more up to date model. The helmet also helped people to help protect their heads. This was better than the barely protective pieces of crap that they had been originally wearing. After a little hiatus, Bauer came back with a bang by introducing the Vapor XXX player stick. This stick was the first true one piece stick. Before 2005, when the stick was introduced, players had been using shafts with blades attached to the stick with super glue that was heated up. In 2008, Bauer announced the purchase of Mission-Itech hockey. Mission was, and still is, one of the top inline hockey companies of the hockey industry. Itech is one of the leading makers in hockey protective face masks. With this purchase, Bauer secured itself atop the hockey industry for years to…show more content…
About 3 or 4% of the revenue is put into R&D. They seek to make sure to get input or insight from consumer for products. The company spends a lot of time where the players are most often. By spending all of the money that they do on R&D, it allows them to gain continuous ideas.” (Amir Rosenthal, CFO, Bauer Performance Sports LTD) Their business vision is “To make equipment for athletes to perform at their highest levels.” Bauer’s social responsibility policy is not a formal policy put into place at the moment. As Mr. Amir Rosenthal states they have three parts to their policy at the moment. The first part is that they participate in the 1goal program which provides equipment to underprivileged children. They participate in many other charities like this one too. The second part of the policy is that they “Strictly enforce many policies against their manufacturing companies. These include no child labor and safe environmental practices.” The third part is that they have initiatives in place for a better company in the future. Bauer has employees in countries including: America, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Finland, and Thailand. On top of those, they sell their products in about 50 countries throughout North America, Europe, and parts of

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