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Business Ethics Delicia Fuqua Management Communication 600 Professor Sara Garski October 24, 2010 Ethics, also known as moral philosophy, addresses the questions about morality or what is right and wrong. Ethical dilemmas and issues in the business world and politics are a synthesis of nationality, gender, and religious beliefs. How does the United States compare to other countries? Why we take ethics more seriously than other countries? What to do to reduce ethics risk? Through this synthesis, the United States has become a business entity very different from other countries and our news of ethics and common ethical practices are often very different from other nations. It is beneficial to consider the times and conditions in which we can become our own worst enemy. In this millennium, powerful business people in the United States have caused many people to feel upset over the blatant ethical and misconduct that most business people use to get ahead in their business. Gayle Porter stated that, “Generally speaking, a work ethic is the manifestation of personally held values (p.536).” Each culture has its own unique history and set of conditions that influence the meaning given to work in people’s lives. “There was no means of support for an idle leisure class. Because everyone worked, everyone expected to share in the outcomes of that work and the decisions governing their lives (Gayle Porter, Work Ethical and Ethical Work p. 536). ” The idea of a company excepting bribes or money for certain services or products is considered unethical in the United States. However, in some nations it is expected. To come to the table of a business meeting without a “gift” would be considered unethical and the company or organization would not conduct business. A bribe in the United States could even warrant legal repercussions. A major dispute between

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