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“Business Ethics is very much related to sound culture and the future of organization success rests on sound ethical culture.” Based on the above statement, argue if family business culture is good or not for the development of business ethics. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In today’s modern society, successful business corporations make good use of the technical skills, practical knowledge and the employees who provide labor for the production of goods and services. Business ethics serves as the fundamental purpose and provides guidance to the corporations to achieve and sustain their success. Strong leadership within the corporation is important to keep the corporation to stay in the right track steadily and enhance the competitiveness of the corporation when new challenges emerge (ICAC, 2003). Strong leadership can often be found in family business. The owners of the family business are committed to the continuity, quality of their own family name, and the long-term development of the corporation. To preserve their family business from a long-term perspective, corporate culture as set and develop in the corporation play a major role to support the substantial business activities. OVERVIEW OF BUSINESS ETHICS AND ITS DEVELOPMENT Business ethics is a specialized study of right and wrong which examines ethical principles that arise in a business environment. It also applies to all aspects of business conduct, including the conducts of individuals and business organizations as a whole (Wikipedia, Business Ethics). Business ethics can also be viewed as the behavior that a business has to deal with everyday. It can be applied to the business that interacts with customers worldwide, but also deal with a single customer locally. In today’s society, corporation includes business ethics as part of their internal structure development as business ethics can help the

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