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Business Ethics Final Paper Management ethics can best be described as treatment to all employees and customers will be justly and fairly. It is believed that by following a moral and ethical code, business will improve. When a management team adheres to management ethics, employees become motivated and a workplace environment becomes motivational (Halepis, 2010). The class Management 314, I learned that every manager has a different ethic, moral, and integrity stand on the way they manage their business. Every company will have a variable style they conduct their business that has yielded success. It is arguable to find one method, combining ethics and integrity that will have the best profit margin for each business in the world today. Management 314 touched on every factor that shapes management ethics in which supervisors utilize in the workplace. The most important moral concept that I encountered in this course has to be moral courage. Moral courage is defined as the ability to put ethics into action. It means standing up and standing out in defense of principle, even when others are standing aside. Ethical action is more than whistle blowing. It involves daily acts of integrity, carried out with dignity, in which individuals stand up for what is right and encourage others to do the same (Black, 2002). I had the unfortunate experience of having to deal with a a manager who was unethical and abuse of authority. My first year of working in Iraq, our group had a week long orientation at Fort Benning, Georgia. While in Georgia, I met my team whom I would be traveling over and working with for the next twelve to fourteen months. Everything was going great during our week long orientation, people got to know one another, we were all bonding quickly and learning how we were all going to be able to work together as a team. After leaving Georgia, we had to

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