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It is argued that an individual is morally obligated to act in such a way to promote the “greatest good for the greatest number”. There is a difference between what is morally good and what is actually right. Utilitarianism is often described by the phrase, “ the greatest good for the greatest number of people” also known as “the greatest happiness principle”. Keeping the majority of people in any type of situation is the best bet. Whether it is in a small business, a large corporation, a small community, or a whole country. This argument entails that one ought to sacrifice his own interest for the benefit of others. At some point in a normal human being ‘s life one must sacrifice something valuable for the benefit of someone else. People have different views and opinions about the sacrifice for their own interest for the greater good. Ethics deals with individual character and the moral rules that govern and limit our conduct. It investigates questions of right and wrong, duty, and obligation, and moral responsibility. For utilitarians happiness is the overarching value. Assessing the rightness or wrongness of utilitarian actions is how much happiness is produced. The standard of deciding the morality of decisions a society should accept as basis for determining what is right and wrong. Happiness is the only thing that good in itself according to the utilitarians. Utilitarians hold the maximization of happiness ultimately determines what is just and unjust. Critics of utilitarianism argue that producing happiness is always difficult. People are bound to estimate consequences differently making the standard of utility a unreliable and inaccurate principle to abide by. With out utilitarianism to provide a determinate standard of justice, on is always left with an array of competing principles. What utilitarianism identifies as rights are certain moral rules, the

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