Business Ethics Essay

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Answer to the question no 2 ‘Business ethics is of no practical importance to managers. Debate about right and wrong should be left in the classroom.’ Critically evaluate this statement using examples where appropriate. Managers are always a vital stakeholder group because they are responsible for using a company’s financial capital and human resources to increase its profitability and stock price. Managers have a claim on an organization because they bring to it their skills, expertise, and experience. They have the right to expect a good return or reward by investing their human capital to improve a company’s performance. So, I think this sentence is not true. Ethics and managers are both have practical importance with each other. Answer to the question no 4 Business ethics do not really matter to small firm owners. They will get away with whatever they can in order to succeed. Critically examine why such a view of small firms might be pervasive and whether it is likely to be accurate. Business ethics do not really matter to small firm owners. As because, these small businesses always typically feel differ in their attention and approach to business ethics. Sometimes, because of time and resources, the manager of small business can hardly feel to focus on ethics, or to the responsibilities to the other shareholders. And it is because, large businesses are much more formalized in their ethics management programmes. Answer to the question no 6 What is sustainability? To what extent do you think it is possible for corporations in the following industries to be sustainable? Explain your answers. Business sustainability is often defined as managing the triple bottom line - a process by which companies manage their financial, social and environmental risks, obligations and opportunities. These three impacts are sometimes

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