Business Ethics Essay

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The company faces many challenges in motivation and lack of motivation has caused many employees to be demotivated and stressed over their job at IAS. Some aspects of motivation that the company should consider are equity theory, job redesign and reward systems. To encourage and motivate employees to be more productive and efficient. Equity Theory The textbook defines equity theory as, “A theory that sasys that individuals compare their job inputs and outcomes with those of others and then respond to eliminate any inequalities” (Textbook) At IAS, there is major problem relates to equity theory as mangers and seniors compare their salaries to those working in the same field in similar companies. Therefore, most of managers and seniors tend to face equity tension, as they see themselves as under rewarded compared to their friends in similar roles. Manly, the equity theory applies in the form of Self-Outside comparison that many of the managers face, as they compare their salary, experience, and work load to those individuals that are in similar situations or positions in another company. This one of the major drawbacks, that cause the managers and seniors of fund valuation to be demotivating on regular basis. The most common variable that is faced by the managers and seniors is the level in the company and professionalism . Since, managers and seniors are upper-level employees, they tend to compare to people outside the company that have similar education and performance as them. This inequality feeling by upper-level employees caused them to change their perception of the work load and assignments they receive on the daily basis. Many, seniors change their inputs by not putting more effort into analysis of fund valuations and less effort in training and coaching of employees with their team. Also, many changed their self perception of their job as they felt they

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