Business Ethics Essay

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1 Introduction In today challenging world, ethical business dilemmas are nothing new. The moral judgments in todays’ business environment are the society values that have been inculcated to them from generation to generation, understanding the right from wrong, and the good from bad, trustworthiness and honesty. Moral defines our characteristics, our independent choices or belief or religion. Morals can be constituted as basic human markers. Ethics can be relatively simple to follow, more like a set of guidelines that defines acceptable behavior and practices. Business ethics has been defined as “The study of business situations, activities, and decision where issues of right and wrong are addressed”, Crane and Matten (2010). 2 Background In this report it allows us to identify a business ethical problem and its impact on various stakeholders. The organization, a multinational technology company, provides and operates telecommunications network, television and business solution system. The headquarters in Kista, Stockholm, its none other than Ericsson, it has been around since the 1918, the company was part of so-called "Wireless Valley". A few months ago, the company encountered a situation on ethical dilemma. Being in a huge multinational company that’s part of the leading telecommunication infrastructure company whom conducts many meeting, seminars, workshops, trainings and business proposition to many of its partners in the region and globally. During one of the presentation workshop with a reputable business partner at Ericsson’s headquarters, an unethical dilemma took place. A member of the Competitors organization had joined the business partner to the presentation of the cutting age technology that will be launched by Ericsson. Suspicion grew when the visitor begun asking many questions on the technology and wanted copies of the presentation. To our

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