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Introduction This essay will describe some information about the religions such as Christianity, Islam. In addition, there are philosophical and religious concepts of Christianity and Islam will underpin the ethical theories. Furthermore, the author will devise and sustain the ethical arguments and solve the problems with the globalization and secularization for these organizations with religions. For example, as Christian, they will have some new policy to be suitable for the globalization. Muslim will join in together to establish a new market for economy. Finally, the moral values of author will be illustrated with some examples. Findings Key philosophical and religious concepts underpinning ethical theories There are two religions will be demonstrated, such as Christianity and Islam. According to these two religions, key philosophical and religious concepts will underpin ethical theories. Christianity The view of protestant of for business is that economic activities should provide some useful services and contribution for comities. In addition, another life called integrated life, which means there is no need for business ethical. This is no autonomous field permitted to implement on their own distinctive rules. Christianity concentrates more on seeing the world, all of the people in ways and living. On the other hand, religion and morality pay less attention on the doctrines and moral principles. This is another view for religion and morality. For business, the economic issues are bringing in the Christian faith, which serves both sides of public debate in significant ways. There are five features for Christian business, motivating force, operators, important variables, view of the world, behavioral force. Another principle for Christianity is human dignity. The view is that all of the people have the fundamental right whatever poor

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