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Introduction The organizations are entrenched in and interact with multiple changing local, national and international environments. Based on doing interaction with multiple environments, the business is need to used ethical. According to Weiss J (2008) there is three reason why business needed ethics: first, many times laws do not cover all aspects or “gray area” of a problem”, second: free market and regulated-market mechanism do not effectively inform owners and managers how to respond to complex issues that have far-reaching ethical consequences and third: complex moral require where company policies are limited in scope in covering human, environmental and social cost of doing business. In the year of 1970, Professor Muhammad Yunus established Grameen Bank with the objective to serve the poor people in Bangladesh. The Grameen bank is adapting microfinance model that applied in all branch of Grameen bank. The Grameen bank growth is fast it shown from the number of borrower start from 15.000 people increase into 100.000 within 4 years. The operation of Grameen bank has help thousands of people in Bangladesh (Taneja K., 2009). By the year of 2006 Grameen bank become more popular together with the Nobel Peace Prize that has been received by Grameen CEO (Boysen and Sahlberg, 2008). The Ethic Role in Grameen Banking According to Bozovic J (2007) there are essential of ethical values that can be implementing in banking industry: • Principles of mutual trust, in banking industry most of the correlation between the customer’s and the bank happen through the phone, the customer’s trust the bank employees to handling their problem. The trust from the customer’s is the most valuable things that the bank will feel. Without trust between bank and customer’s the business system would not run effectively. In Grameen bank, the mutual trust is happened not from the phone

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