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Running head: Business Ethics Business Ethics LaShonda Smith CM225/03 Professor Josef Vice September 23, 2009 Business Ethics Merely put, ethics require learning what is wrong or right. After learning wrong from right, one must then do the rightful duty, but the right action can sometimes be unpleasant. According to the business glossary, business ethics means having “moral principles concerning acceptable and unacceptable behavior by business people” (Barron’s Educational Series, 2007). In fact, business ethics and its roots for some in the business world sound a little giddy, but it still lives. Nonetheless, there are problems that are associated with business ethics such as how difficult it is to enforce ethics in the corporate world (Gogoi, 2007). Whistleblowing in relation to business ethics is somewhat looked down upon. While most employees are hesitate and unwilling to show any sign of dissatisfaction for fear that their job will be jeordized or they will be transferred to another position or department (Gogoi, 2007). However, it has been found that 95% of whistleblowers do eventually end up losing their current position ( Gogoi, 2007). Nonetheless, the intensity on ethics is complex to miss. While there are many reasons why employees turn their heads to violations and wrong doings, ethics still must apply. Studies have found that 73% of those that were full-time job holders reported ethical job loss. In addition to, the survey also found that 73% or one in three, 36% reported occurrences that were believed to be unethical and questionable to management (Gogoi, 2007). While most or 58% didn’t report any incidents due to not being involved themselves and lacking assurance of how it would be handled. Therefore, a lot of companies today don’t take ethics seriously, but there are some that really have strict

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