Business Environment Unit 1 M1

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In a table format explain the points of view of different stakeholders seeking influence the aims and objectives of two contrasting organisations. Finally evaluate the influence these different stakeholders exert in one organisation (no more than 500 words). The aims and objectives for River Island is to maximise their profit through the use of positive in-store experiences and good value for money in all their products. The aims and objectives of NSPCC is to maximise their funding, aid and better the community whilst also raising awareness for its cause like the Full Stop Campaign. | River Island | The NSPCC | Stakeholders | Objective 1 | Objective 2 | Objective 1 | Objective 2 | Managers /Trustees | The managers of River Island want to maximise the profits of the store they run. To maximise their profits, the owners can make financial decisions which increase the profit such as making cuts to employees or products. If the managers fail to do their jobs, then the business risks losing money because of over spending or failing customer service. | The managers want to keep their employees motivated in order to provide a good working and shopping environment. To keep them motivated, the managers will offer discounts as such on in-store items or chances of promotions. If the managers don't motivate their employees then the manager will be constantly replacing them as they under-perform or quit. | The trustees want the NSPCC to do its job successfully. Trustees are in charge of the financial decisions so they can look at how their funding can be used most effectively in achieving the organisation's goals. If the Trustees do not monitor the funding then they may overspend and put the organisation in debt. | The trustees want enough money for their own cost of living from the organisation as they run the
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