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Business environment analysis of a Coca-Cola Company in Chinese market * Introduction Coca-Cola was born in 1886 and headquartered in Atlanta, U.S.; it is the leader and pioneer in world soft drink sales, with nearly 400 beverage brands, selling more than 200 countries and areas. Coca-Cola opened its first branch in China in 1927 and returned to China in 1979. Coca-Cola regards Coca-Cola, Sprite, and Queer and so on as leading products covering carbonated drinks, juice drinks, soft drinks, tea drinks and other major fields. Coca-Cola was selected as China's most popular beverage for eight consecutive years. * The Internal Environment * Financial position Since Coca-Cola Company returned to China twenty years ago, with world-renowned management advantages of large companies and combined with the characteristics of Chinese consumer market, coca-cola has been running good financial management system. Capital structure and the financial indicators (such as return on sales, return on assets, return on average capital per share, profit margins, current ratio, quick ratio) are more reasonable. Coca-cola has established a strict financial management system to ensure the source of profits, and reasonable distribution. It also has a strong short-term and long-term financing capacity as well as broad channels. The company has a professional financial management team, effective cost control systems and appropriate cost accounting system. It has specific long-term and short-term detailed financial planning. Sound financial position creates favorable financial environment for the Coca-Cola Company's development. * Coca-Cola products and product lines Coca-cola now has built 29 bottling companies and 32 plants in China. The establishment of these broad product lines greatly reduces the company's transportation and distribution costs. Coca-Cola

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