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A business or organisational environment could simply be defined as “All elements existing outside and inside the organisation’s boundaries that have the potential to affect the organisation“(Samson & Daft 2009). It could be further categorised into the general environment, the task environment and the internal environment. Out of these environments, the economic factor has had the most impact on my chosen organization Bunnings Warehouse.”It represents the overall economic health of the country or region in which the organisation functions” (Samson & Daft 2009). When the Global Financial Crises (GFC) hit between mid 2008 to late 2009 it contributed to a large amount of job loss worldwide. Though it had a minimal effect on the Australian economy compared to the economies overseas, the Australian managers were still forced to lay off workers in order to decrease their cost. In order to survive the GFC, Bunnings Warehouse Shepparton had to terminate some of its casual staff and the rest, including me had our hours reduced. This definitely reduced the company’s expenditure but it had also put an enormous amount of pressure on the workers still employed. Due to lack of team members available and increased pressure from the management, the work load had significantly increased as we had to put stock away, as well as serve customers. To survive this GFC, one of the main aims of Bunnings was to attract as many customers as possible by providing quality customer service. The company spent thousands of dollars to educate each worker on customer service. Besides the GFC that made the firm sell significantly less products then they had expected to, was the opening of two new Warehouses in Echuca and Wangarata. The idea was to expand the business even more and attract more customers to increase and strengthen the revenue streams, but it also had a massive impact on

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