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The Purpose Of Different Types Of Organization Business Essay /essays/business/the-purpose-of-different-types-of-organization-business-essay.php A business organization when formed it has to adapt some proper decision regarding its future establishment and the overall prosperity or sustainability. So it is very important to measure many economic, cultural, political variables under which the development of a business organization depends. So the environment for a business organization is a very important issue. Before forming an organization the entrepreneur have to justify the environment whether it is business friendly environment. Whether there is any risk matters regarding the financial market or institution or the current economy is healthy. Risk may arise now and then so the entrepreneurs have to alert of it. The purpose of different types of organization: Richard Koch (1997) defines there are only some basic concepts about organization. It is thought before that organization is a group of people who used to share the same purpose like a company organization, a university, or a fund. And with the comprehensive lesson, it is learnt that though there are a lot of organizations who are involved in business activities, they can be classified under three main classes, they are private sector, public sector, and third-sector is described the mission, vision and goalpolicy of a company as being defined the primary purpose of the firm, what business it should be, whom the company is going to serve and satisfy for the rest of the time. So the, the organization activities should evolvefrom the mission and goal statement. So many companies, in order to make sure the employee remember about their roles and duties perused to them, they have mission and goal statements on future activities.Moreover, Vision builds up on the goals and

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