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INTRODUCTION The report I am writing will talk about, different organizations purpose and responsibility will be discussed specifically the purposes of Sainsbury PLC that is an UK based public limited company. There are different stakeholders of Sainsbury so the responsibilities and strategies of Sainsbury PLC will be shown to meet the objectives of these stakeholders. On the other hand, national environment of UK will be shown to find out how different national factors affect the activities of Sainsbury PLC. Along with the national factors how global factors affect the business strategies of Tesco will be analysed. At the end of the report it will be discussed how Sainsbury is affected by the EU regulations among the member countries. UNDERSTAND THE ORGANISATIONAL PURPOSES OF BUSINESSES 1.1 IDENTIFY THE PURPOSES OF THESE LISTED BELOW a) Virgin group LTD b) Sainsbury PLC c) MC Donald’s d) National Health services (NHS) e) A corner shop near where you live Different types of organizations have their own business policies, structure, and strategies and so are their purposes. So, whatever the business organizations there must be some specific purposes for which the organization was established. The major organization’s types are sole proprietorship, partnership and corporation. The following organizations are analysed to find out their business types and purposes: a) Virgin Group LTD: Virgin Group LTD is a private limited company established in 1970 in UK. The purposes of this business organization are to raise the capital through the issuance of shares not exceeding total number of 50 shareholders. Here, another purpose of this business is to operate the business in such a way so that none can take over the company easily. There are some restrictions and legal rules for the shareholders like the shareholders cannot public trade their shares to

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