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Assignment 1: The Business Environment Shannon Laliberty Dr. Doris Murphy-Guy Business 100 November 1, 2012 When most of us think of a business that we love, I’m sure the majority of us think of a favorite restaurant for special occasions, the department store we purchase our clothes from, or even the grocery store that we buy our food and other household necessities from. In reality, almost every single thing that we do each day is in some way, shape or form possible as a direct result of a business idea that someone made a reality. While the general purpose of a business is to provide goods and/or services to improve the standard of living and overall quality of life, the specific purpose of these businesses do vary (Kelly/McGowan, 2012). Each business that is introduced must rely on certain factors of production or resources to effectively operate. These resources include natural resources, capital, human resources and entrepreneurship (Kelly/McGowan, 2012). While these resources do not have to be distributed equally to benefit a business, utilizing each of these can directly affect the success of the business. Let’s take a look at how each of these resources relates to your favorite grocery store as an example. When you think about natural resources, you likely think about air, land, and water, so how does that play a role with your grocery store? We have to think about where the products we purchase come from – the land that the animals are raised on and the produce is harvested on specifically. The food provided by the farmers is distributed to warehouses and manufacturers who use both human resources and capital simultaneously. This involves machinery, technology and employees who have specialized skills regarding the production of products, to packaging of products, and the distribution and manufacturing of products from

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