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Entity Business Plan Spirits is an old fashion sports bar and grill franchise in Missouri. This sports bar and grill is in the early stages of the business plan. When planning a business a lot of issues and details have to be discussed and worked out. The legal concerns need to be looked at and the proper documentation needs to be submitted to the state. The owners of Spirits are hopeful to be open in a year with many promises to grow throughout the country. This paper will discuss the goals of the sports bar; differentiate between its strengths and weaknesses, the legal issues and how these issues will be handled. As the owners sit down and look at the options they have regarding what type of business entity they want to file with the state the choice has been made to file as a Limited Liability Partnership. This type of entity was chosen because there are three of them and they all want to make sure to have a part in everything. With the state of Missouri they have to file a certificate of limited partnership with the corporations division. With this sports bar and grill the biggest attraction will be the large plasma TV’s for individuals to watch as many sports games as possible. The establishment will be decorated to suit the attention of the sports fan, providing interesting memorabilia for fans of all sports. For this to operate as a bar and grill beverages and food will be served. The bar will have the usual drinks from whiskey and draft beer to soda and water. The food menu will be small but serve the basics for watching the games. With any type of food entity price is always a concern. So the managers have decided to keep to a cheaper menu to avoid breaking the customers as they come in. Sprits are open to offering a cozy place where sports fans can relax and watch the game. Their targeting customers will be any sports fan. Men, Women, and

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