Business English Vocabulary Essay

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EBC 1 Keywords Summary acceptance (of goods) Annahme (von Waren) • important obligation of the buyer under a contract of sale • the buyer is deemed to have accepted the contract goods, when • he intimates to the seller, after inspection, that he has accepted them • hey have been delivered to him and he acts as if he were the owner • after expiry of a reasonable time, he retains them without intimating to the seller that he has rejected them • there is a clear distinction between accepting goods and taking delivery of goods • in certain circumstances, a buyer has the right to refuse acceptance, e.g. in the case of a major defect of goods advertisement Werbemittel, Inserat, Annonce • message or announcement presented in a medium at the expense of an identified organisation or person (advertiser) to persuade a particular target audience to accept an idea, buy a product, or take some other action desired by the advertiser • classified ads, posters, electric signs, commercials (either radio commercials or TV spots), sky-writing, full-page or double spread ads in newspapers or magazines, or icons, banners, buttons and pop-ups ob websites • may be composed of pictures (either still or moving), drawings and text, but may also include musical elements such as songs, signature tunes or jingles advertising Werbung • dissemination of messages over the mass media and is paid for directly by an identifies sponsor • geared to the goods and services offered by the advertiser, while the institutional variety is intended to create a favourable attitude towards the advertising organisation and to build goodwill • argument: advertisers put too much emphasis on persuasion and attempt to influence people in ways that are not really beneficial for them advertising agency Werbeagentur • business firms providing not only advertising services, such as planning and
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