Business Culture And Strategy

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Jamie Smith HND Accounts Business Culture and Strategy DE3X 35 Contents Page Page Number: 1. Title 2. Contents Page 3. Introduction 4. External Environment 5. External Environment 6. External Environment 7. External Environment 8. Organisational Culture 9. Organisational Culture 10. Business Strategy 11. Business Strategy 12. Managing Change 13. Managing Change Introduction Wetherspoons is an organisation which provides a food and drink services to the public through their branded chain of pubs as well as recently providing accommodation through newly acquired ‘Wetherlodges’. This report is going to analyse the external environment faced by Wetherspoons as well as the structure of the organisation itself. It will also scrutinize the strategy chosen by the business to follow and the management of change which occurs within the business at the given time. Pest analysis is a tool used to analyse the external far environment. The following relates to J.D.Wetherspoon. Socio-Cultural Factors Wetherspoons originally opened with adults as their prime demographic with the consumption of alcohol, both ales and fine wines, at low prices as their main focus; the retailer also ensured both smoking and non-smoking areas were designated within each outlet. Also, through the years the business has expanded to include areas which sell food for both adults and children, this has in turn allowed Wetherspoons to appear family friendly and expanded their demographic reach. Political Factors The government control the political factors which would have affected Wetherspoons as they decided the tax rates on alcohol and in turn had an influence in the price a company could sell alcohol. As Tax on

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