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Hi I’m Aiman, don’t think we’ve met before. No hello, pleased to meet you. What line of work are you in? I’m on new media, plainly on online projects, web design… that kind of thing. What about you? Not quite similar to you really…I’m in new media too, we’re in the broadband technology side Oh broadband, do you know Ibrahimovich, he’s also here at the conference… he’s in broadband too. Umm no i don’t think i met him. NEXT So umm, how long have you been in business? I’ve been working in this business for five years now, providing IT solutions to companies. What exactly do you do, i mean i know you mention IT solutions, but.. what exactly do you do? I used to umm provide computer training and now I’m also umm providing database solutions and internet solutions but with web devalopments, setting up networks. Everybody’s talking about a broadband is a very interesting area at the moment… how did you get into it? To be honest it happened by accident. I was involved in a project with a strong broadband elements, and aa i just sort of fell into it really. What about you, how long have you been in web design? Not very long at all really, only about a year before i was a teacher. NEXT Oh really… do you have a business card i can take? Are you on email? Yes of course i do and in fact i do most of my work via email nowadays… so umm it’s actually at the bottom of the card. Oh sorry, so i’ll be in touch… Okay that’ll be great, thank you so much NEXT Well it was a pleasure to meet you, and your work sounds very interesting. Maybe we could swap some ideas at some point in the future, can i take your business card? ya, by all means there you go I’ll be in touch NEXT Hello, you must be Muhammad Aqil. Ya hi there nice to meet you, you are? Aiman Hazim met last time in Birmingham.

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