Business Consulting Essay

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Business Consulting Jamira Perry MGT/527 August 26, 2013 Sylvia Ramirez-Cahan Business Consulting Business consulting has been around for a very long time. People that were helping others and was not getting paid, only thought they were just helping out. Come to find out, they did not know they were consulting because they never knew the true definition of a consultant. Some people will pursue a career in consulting because they find it is something they like after learning the true definition, knowing they will get paid for this type of job. This paper will explain more in depth the two kinds of consultants, my vision and explanation of consultants, and the roles and responsibilities of consultants. It will also include what a business consultant is and the functions a business consultant performs. People’s vision and explanation of a business consultant will differ and some may even be similar. There are two types of consultants and they are an internal consultant and an outside consultant. Internal consultants are more of organizational specialists that are in their field. Whether they are an accountant, human resource, management, or even finance. One disadvantage of an internal consultant is that their services can be rejected by the managers. External consultants are brought in to solve the organization’s or company’s problem(s). External consultant’s recommendations are taken in more consideration because for one, the organization is paying for the job the consultant is performing, versus an internal consultant. One disadvantage of an external consultant is that their service may not be needed. The reason for that is because the employees can identify the problem(s) before it becomes problematic and solve them and then an external consultant is not needed. Every consultant should know the company’s or organization’s vision and

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