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Business Consulting MGT 527 January 21, 2013 Sarah Nelson Business Consulting In America the history of business consulting is extensive. Executives in business today rely on the business plans of advisors in meeting the company’s objective, and fixing issues. Companies employ knowledgeable and experienced advisors to develop positive images. Employing consultants to fix issues prior to the occurrence serves as significant instruments in the company. Nevertheless, serving as the first consultant Fredrick Taylor Winslow introduced scientific management in 1890 (Public Broadcasting Station, n.d.). However, organizations implement several types of consultants internal and external. These consultants assist in developing positive images and help the company to prosper. Although both types of consultants implement similar role functions that pertain to solving organizational issues “yet,” businesses implement internal consultants less than external. This paper provides a descriptive image of the visions, roles, and functional responsibilities of a business consultant. Block perceived that improving organizational functions, and solving problems the internal consultant can comprehend the structural culture of the company. Vision Companies and organizations explicate their objectives through a vision, or mission statement. The company’s vision declares as well as ensures that the organization will provide services that meet the concerns of the customer. Declaration “on the other hand,” demonstrates how organizations view the long-term worth of the company. Advisors implement missions that develop organizational change. “According to,” Block organizational change develops within the nature of procedural training, and structural policies (Block, 1999, p. 4 para. 2). During, organizational interactions and training with executives the possibilities of change emerges.

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