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ion span), also age would need to be considered, this means that the posters and leaflets need to be designed with youg teenagers in mind so the colours should be bright with images of students and it should have a friendly tone. School leavrs with special needs such as blind people or people in wheel chairs whould be notified of the colleges disabled acces making them fee wecome and brochures should also be made in braille. | Communications skills required when presenting flow charts and publicity materials (presentational skills) could be both formal and informal. Epending on who the material is aimed at, parents of the students will expect material in a formal format where as material intended for teenagers should be informal. The material needs to be presented in a way which school leavers can understand easily and get the message wuickly. | Telephone CallElectronic | Telephone calls are used daily by Blackburn college by people in all departments including staff and students for purposes such as informing a member of staff in another department of a meeting or even ge, by both students and staff in all departments from teachers to staff in finance and HR departments etc through emails, the internet, the college email domain and also the touch screens in the innovation centre | The types of audiences in Blackburn college using this method of communication would be staff and students, the college domain would be used by staff to send students work and also assignment feedback etc, staff will use the emal services to email each other work schedueles, mark schemes and any notices which need ot be spread through the college. The internet can be used to communicate through many ways such as the college moodle which lets you talk to teachers through chat facilities. In the innovation centre | Points which Blackburn college wil need to consider are age as some

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