Business Communications Trends Essay

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Effective business communication is imperative to the success of businesses of all nature, as ineffective communication within a company could lead to major problems even up to disastrous proportions. This paper will discuss roles of various modes of business communications in one’s daily activities, trends that have been observed and or experienced in the workplace (past and current), and message types that result from these trends. Presently, there are a great many forms of communications within the workplace and it could be verbal (communicating with words) or non-verbal (communicating without the use of words). Some forms of verbal communication include letters, reports, memos, blogs, text messaging, email messages, face-to-face, informal meetings, phone conversations, and presentations. Non-verbal communication modes include company logos, computer graphics, pictures, and body language. First, on a daily basis one could use several methods of communicating business information amongst colleagues. Examples would include a presentation during a meeting, which would include verbal and non-verbal methods of communication such as the presenter speaking on his or her notes that accompanies the slides in the power point presentation; memos being emailed to primary and secondary audiences; quick phone call to ask a colleague to confirm some information; and turning in a report to the project manager. Business Communications 3 Second, on a contract assignment with a global satellite telecommunications company, one observed that the company’s method of communicating with internal (the employees) audiences was very informal. The trend was extensive use of emails, personal digital assistants (PDA) especially the “Blackberry,” meetings, and instant messaging (IM) service like Yahoo Messenger. In addition, there were no hierarchy in sending emails, one was
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