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Business Communication Trends Communication in business is essential. It is essential for productivity, relaying information, employee morale, getting and giving feedback. The ways that businesses choose to communicate have followed many trends throughout the years. Advancements in technology are a large contributor to the changes in business communication. Companies are hard pressed to stay current with their available communication systems. Business communication plays a very important role in my day-to-day activities at work. I receive questions and requests for assistance through my email every day and prioritize each project, request, and issue resolution request for each coworker. As I work through each request, I communicate with other software vendors and help desks to solve or answer their issue. I often have to create guides with written instructions to be distributed to the staff to communicate new procedures or policies. Without effective communication to the staff, they would not be aware of changes in billing procedures, which would directly affect every aspect of our company. Technology is a huge trend in communication in business. E-mail is a main component of that communication. E-mail is vital for my job; I often say I wouldn’t have anything to do without e-mail. Most companies use this system for communicating in between employees, especially in large corporations. I consistently have to email my department with regulatory updates and changes with our billing system using email notifications. Some companies have taken email to a new level and used intercompany instant messaging so that employees may communicate immediately with each other. We also have monthly department meetings where more in depth changes or announcements are communicated to the staff. They are given the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback to the managers of the

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