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Individual Influencing Group Communication Charles Fulton Business Communications 230 June 18 2013 Professor Richard G Sims The five bases of power are coercive power, reward power, legitimate power, expert power, and referent power. These different types affect the workplace in different ways. Over the next few pages I will describe the function each power holds and provide relatable examples to better understand. Coercive is the epitome of formal power. It is used by an individual to apply or threatens to apply pain, frustration, or the controlling by force of physiological or safety needs. People react to this out of fear. One extreme example of this is with the three Cleveland, Ohio girls who were kidnapped, violated, and held captive for upward of 10 years. These women were treated in a manner that struck fear within them, through those threats and actions conceded to the desires of their captor. This fear, this power was so engrained that doors were occasionally left unlocked intentionally to test whether the women would leave or not -- none did. Instead it took someone breaking into the home to release these women from there captive. The fear of repercussion forced these women go against their free will. Reward power is the exact opposite of coercive power. It is used to reward individual’s something that they value such as pay raises, bonuses, recognition, promotions, desired working shifts or assignments. It is the giving of a positive value or removal of a negative value to an individual or team. This is what you the subordinate are striving for through your efforts at work. An in-tune supervisor may recognize this and use it to motivate and focus employees to accomplish current and future projects. During my experiences with the military some examples of this would be an individual being “capped,” a

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