Business Communication Trends Essay

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Business Communication Trends Amanda Beaman XCOM 285 January 2, 2012 Shawna Starkey Business Communication Trends I work in the hospitality industry, which is all about business communications in as day-to-day basis. I have to oversee four people in my line of work, so I have to know and be able to communicate with them on what needs to be done. My job is to oversee that the customer service needed by customers are provided with correct responses. Business communications help me manage my daily activities by being able to communicate what needs to be done throughout the day and knowing what is going on like with customer service and issues that might come up. It helps us to prevent any problems and hoe to handle them before it becomes an issue. With knowing and asking questions about events in the future helps me to determine how I would like my co-workers to take care of the people and who I think is qualified to do so. Sometimes it is very hard to help co-workers improve on their customer service skills when they are not willing to learn so business communications are very important. There are many trends that are used to communicate in my workplace. The trends that I mostly deal with are job flexibility, technology, and the focus on quality and customers’ needs. The top major trend in my job is the focus on quality and customers’ needs are being met. This is very hard due to the many different types of people in the country that travel and stay in hotels a lot. There are some complaints that a customer service agent cannot control like the location of the shower head on the wall. When it comes to something like the room was dirty or it did not have any towels then the customer service agent can do their job on making that guest satisfied and happy all in one. Many message types are the result of these trends. Messages have to be clear, complete, and correct,
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