Business Communication Trends Essay

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Business Communication Trends Miranda Richardson University of Phoenix Introduction to Business Communication COM/285 Senitra Blackburn Business Communication Trends Today’s discussion will explain different ways to communicate in the workplace. Will explain how individual’s manage day- to-day activates. Explore work trends in the workplace. Analyze the message types aftermath of the trends. Roles Communication Plays To communicate effective is a valuable trait to help individuals business and careers. Many employers,’ consider excellent communication skills beneficial. Both company and individual can aid with effective communication. It is very important individuals make an effort to refine communication skills. In the business world, communication is requirement (Bartolomei, n.d.). Rapport Rapport is about building a relationship of familiarity, and confidence, not only with clients, owners, competitors, and coworker. This technique relies on a direct communication skill to establish a bond that will promote trust, healthy, and most important profitable business alliance. Communication allows individuals a mutual connection, which results create a rapport. It is two types of communication verbal and nonverbal. Nonverbal communication involves body language, and good eye contact to the person is conversing with (Bartolomei, n.d.). Conflict Some supervisor may encounter conflict and cause disharmony between coworkers. A supervisor with excellent communication skills can tactfully handle the conflict between coworkers without adding gasoline to a flame. Most office place conflict is caused by a miscommunication between coworkers in the first place. Effective communication can smooth over many workplace conflict (Bartolomei, n.d.). My Workplace Activities My workplace activates as a Security Forces Member/Police Officer in the
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