Business Communication Trends Essay

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Business Communication Trends October 21, 2010 XCOM/285 Axia College – University of Phoenix In my current position I am an Administrative Manager for a trade show management and publications company. We rely on email, fax and the internet for our communications with our clients as well as our corporate office. On a daily basis I personally deal with email correspondences and instant messaging. I have three administrative assistants that report to me and we are spread out through out the office space, so we will communicate by using Instant Messaging a lot. We can set our status to show that we are away from our desk so no one has to wonder if their message is being read or ignored. Instant Messaging is great for communicating to coworkers about daily items but it is not something that I would use with a customer. We share complaints on the IM as well, but mostly we ask quick questions about the projects they are working on or the deadlines involved with it. By being able to correspond with the corporate office in Maryland, and our customers all over the world by email it speeds up the process for getting answers. Calling someone on the telephone will not always get you connected with them. But in today’s high tech world almost everyone has a blackberry or other type of phone that allows them to receive their emails when they are out of the office. Email has been a huge time saver for us with the invoice approval system. The accounts receivable department will scan and email invoices to me for approval. I open the attached invoices and then can email the accounts receivable department back with the approval and the correct coding. This helps our company be able to pay our invoices much faster. We also use the internet to post information about our upcoming events for our clients and to allow customers to purchase or subscribe to our
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