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Assignment Business Communication Name: Mudathir Hamud AlRawahi TASK 1 P1, M1 In the given assignment requirement are to explain and analyze the difference types of Business information with their source and purpose for my own business research. By using the Pepsi Company the research will show the difference types of business information. By defining through the website, the Information is the knowledge or data used to move from one place to another (, N.D). As defining the information among the types that Pepsi Company are using are articles of association, certificate of incorporation and Brochure. By starting the first type of information Articles of association is the document which show the internal aspects of a company, through the website (Wikipedia, N.D). The Articles of association is the document which allows the all users to know what the aim and purpose of the business and also shows the role of each member. The source of articles of association is provide the information about the internal aspects, for example Pepsi company uses articles association to provide the information for the both users internal and external in order to let all the users knows about the internal aspect of a company, the internal aspect can be human resource, finance, customers services and sales department. The purpose of Articles of association is to show the power of the leader and shareholders, for example Active partner is the person who manages and participate day to day activity. Another type of information is Certificate of incorporation, defined as the document which shows the registration of a business. The certificate incorporation is the document which businesses are provided by government, so the certificate incorporation is the document which is owned by government. The purpose of certificate incorporation used to let the all users

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