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For the greatest success of the business, employees need interpersonal communication to connect with their co-workers. A leadership expert, John C. Maxwell (2010) says: “Connecting goes beyond words.” (p. 41). Physically being in the same room, verbally speaking thoughts, engaging in eye contact, and being able to see nonverbal responses are all important and add to a person’s understanding of the message being communicated and feeling a connection. Overall, communicating face-to-face is more natural for employees. An employee knows who is hearing what they are saying and seeing their nonverbal gestures. The employee can either get immediate feedback whether or not the person understands or agrees or disagrees. The communication does not have to be formatted as it does on paper. An employee should still present themselves professionally, but communicating face-to-face is a process, instead of format. Through in-person communication, employees will be able to not only build needed connections, but relationships and trust with co-workers in the business. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is like a staircase, a person needs to satisfy the lower stairs to easily reach and fulfill the higher staircases. If you refer to Figure 1 on page 9, social needs, feeling connections with people around you, are needed to fulfill the staircase above it: the greatest confidence, achievement, and creativity (“Communication Theory” 2010, para. 2). We work and understand best when meeting face-to-face with co-workers because we need that connection with employees, not with the communication technologies. Social needs cannot come from the communication technologies, fulfillment comes from the people. We need to build the relationships with co-workers to earn trust to best work together. Figure 1: Maslow’s Hierarchy of

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