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Business communication P1- Resub Apple The purpose of information: Business information needs to be relevant, up-to-date, accurate/reliable, meets the needs, clear and worth the cost. Update knowledge: One purpose of information is to update knowledge, they need to know how markets are developing so that Apple know what specific stuff to work towards. They also need to know the change in the economy as they want to know if customers have more of less to spend their disposable income to spend, this is important as Apple do not want to make too many or too little products for example when they are launching a new product they want to know the demand for it. Another purpose is to understand the effect of legislation and how it effects Apple as a business this may be for example a change in the tax that Apple has to pay. Legislations and laws will effect them as if Apple are not up to date with new laws and legislations they may end up breaking the law which could result in heavy fines to the business. Finally there may be changes in labour and resources this information needs to communicated as if not they may not have enough staff or resources to keep the business operating at its max. Informing future developments: Apple needs to keep up with competition, they will gather information about their competitors products and then work out how their product will be better to draw customers to them and away from competitors for example there are other touch screen phones but Apple adds features that their competitors do not such as siri so customers choose them instead. They also want to gain information about competitors to make sure any of their patented features are not being copied. Information allows them to predict future market conditions, products and services as they can carry out surveys on the general public so that they have a rough idea

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