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Jeffrey S. McGroarty BUS340: Business Communications Business Proposal to Cut Costs Instructor: Tracy Thompson June 27, 2012 PROPOSAL TO CUT COSTS FOR REPONSES IN HOMELESS DISTRICT Prepared for Director of Operation Prepared by Jeff McGroarty EMT B July 3, 2012 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In today’s world, Emergency Medical Services are being pushed to the limit when it comes to covering their service area in a major metropolitan city. Having the available manpower is an ongoing problem and sometimes places burden on not only the company, but the city it serves. In our city there is a huge homeless district that averages at least thirty to forty calls as day which are priority three calls in natures. This means these calls are not significant medical problems that require immediate response. Such examples are being sick for a week, toothaches, and the flu. The proposal is to limit the number of ambulances needed to respond to these types of calls in this area. We incorporate a quick response vehicle with a paramedic supervisor to first respond to the call along with the ambulance. This would allow the paramedic supervisor to determine if the patient needs to go by ambulance to the hospital, or he or she can go by other means such as taxi, pov, etc. Doing this would limit not only the number of ambulances to be staged in one area, but it allows the ambulance crew to be released back into service more quickly if not needed. This proposal would not only cut down on the number of priority three responses in that area but also save not only the taxpayer, but the company money in the future. This would also allow for better allocation of our already thin resources. Having highly trained personnel to man these quick response vehicles would allow a better service to our community and give a break to our crews on the street. “Last year,

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